To Sorce for Money

To Sorce for Money

By Tara Sutphen


I stared at the US Dollar Bill, I couldn’t believe my eyes. Here I was in Sedona, Arizona with a few participants from my Mystic Training for lunch on the first day. Last March I was in New Zealand and Jules Bonny, Yvonne Neal and I decided we would do a little money game. I’m always playing with sorcery and intention. Jules and I decided to create the movement of money, she gave me some New Zealand Money, and I wrote and prayed on a $100. US Bill and a $1.00 US bill, giving it to Jules and her shop partner Yvonne to pass around. I wrote it out as a double conundrum, TY Jewels (thank you) = Tara, Yvonne & Jules. Our lives being an illusionary dream in the earth’s magnetic field afford us to play these positive target games. Don’t we all want to create the flow of comfort, nourishment or material gain. I call it sorcing, it’s just a form of praying but I use a little more psychic umph.

My New York participant Gabrielle Revere had given me this dollar, we were at the Planet Diner. I paid for lunch with my credit card and the few who were there gave me cash to reimburse me for their meal. I asked Gabrielle where she got this dollar. She didn’t know Jules, she’d only met her a few hours before and Jules hadn’t come to lunch with us. I asked if they had exchanged money, and she said no, but she’d gotten change for a bottle of water at the front desk of her hotel. And that’s the only place she’d spent money in Sedona as she’d only gotten in the night before. None of my other participants were staying at that hotel. I asked if she’d noticed the writing on the dollar and she said she had. I said it’s my handwriting… And for this dollar to come back to me must be a huge percentage, more than a million to one.


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The Abenda Chronicles


The Abenda Chronicles – Volume 1 1992-1997


The Abenda Chronicles

Volume 1 – 1992-1997

By Tara Sutphen

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This is volume I of the letters Tara Sutphen has made public over a long journey exploring Automatic writing and the worlds of the spirits.  This first volume covers 1992-1997.
From the author’s introduction:
“The Abenda Chronicles have become a reflective journey. I didn’t know when I started exploring Automatic Writing it would lead Abenda and I into being conduits of heaven and earth. I didn’t set out to do anything other than to find a solution to a problem, or to be curious on why I had to know so and so, or had to experience the events that I had either enjoyed or endured. I realize time-honored questions stay relatively the same, although these letters are written generations ago 1992-1997, you will find we worry about many things they were concerned about back then. Often being soul questions with timeless answers. All we want is to skip along our earth-expedition as a thoughtful and pleasant one. But it seems we are to be at a specific somewhere in time with a schedule of destiny. Good or Bad.
These letters were printed publicly, the first pages of allowing the world to see my psychic-medium ability. Abenda and I are still promoting psychic phenomena and supernatural answers. There is quite a track record now as we offer these beginning letters… “
Love, Joy & Light,
Tara Sutphen


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Children of the Light
By Tara Sutphen

I thought you’d like this little event, I’ve always been advanced at automatic writing and I try to paint people’s spirit guides from time to time. This is a painting by me, dated April 1990. I called it “Children of the Light” – I don’t normally paint children, but I was compelled one day, I took 2 polaroid photos of this and then painted over it. I was going through my art supplies a few years ago and I asked my kids…who is this…and they chimed Brionna, Shannon and Audrey. And I told them, I painted this in 1990. The painting is of my nieces 7, 9, and 11 years before they were born. Here is the pre-painting and some photos of them…

XO Tara XO


My dear friend, Ruthie and I were on skype this morning, and many of her deceased relatives and employee’s relatives come in to say hi when we talk together. This AM I asked her Dad, a Nuclear Physicist if he’d like to give information, he gave us 11 names. Ruth and I had a great time looking up the names on the internet. Every name he gave was a great Nuclear Physicist or project. He gave me the word ‘Meow’ — and I thought…”okay, the connection must be lost. Well…’Meow’ – nuclear physicists recognized …..
the energy crisis as “The Moral Equivalent Of War” (the MEOW
speech). Here’s the link to read it all. http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/pages/frontline/shows/reaction/readings/rossin.html. Her dad is a strong spirit. We can’t wait to get more information.



Hi Friends,     

Tara’s journey with Abenda, her spirit guide began at birth. Just as your spirit guide – guardian angel is watching over you. The only difference with Abenda, her and Tara made a promise that they would find a way to connect and speak to each other while Tara is on earth and Abenda is on the other side. For many years they practiced on family and friends. And then Tara started to write publicly. Tara and Abenda writings have been prolific and bountiful, they have answered many letters, questions and pleas from all over the world. Most Tara workshops and seminars will include teaching you to get aquainted with your spirit guide. At this time Tara offers a meditation to direct you to your guardian angel and help you learn to automatic write. Establish correspondance and ties to your spirit guide, your ancestors, wise counsel, and/or the Holy Ones. Whether for pleasure, benefit or problem-solving.


“Men in general judge more by the sense of sight than by the sense of touch, because everyone can see, but only a few can test by feeling. Everyone sees what you seem to be, few know what you really are, and those few do not dare take a stand against the general opinion”
– Niccolo Machiavelli (Italian writer and statesman, Florentine patriot, Author of ‘The Prince’, 1469-1527)



Channeling Abenda
By Tara Sutphen


Channeling Abenda     

At Dan’s request, I’ll share my channeling technique, which seemingly evolved quite naturally throughout the 1980s. My contact on the other side is my spirit guide Abenda, who claims we set up this incarnation as an experiment in spirit/earth communications.     

At first, the communications were primarily about family and friends, all of whom encouraged me to keep at it, because the predictions in the writing turned out to be so accurate. In 1991 I began to write a “Cause and Effect” column in our “Soaring Spirit” newsletter. People with problems sent me “why” questions and Abenda chose the letters she felt would relate to many readers. To receive the communications, I go into a theta-level altered state, and Abenda finds someone on the other side that knows the letter writer or a loving entity who is aware of the problem. Under my spirit guide’s carefully orchestrated conditions, this soul controls my hand and the response is received via automatic writing. In 2001, in response to many requests, I began to do private readings.     

The answers I receive explain the letter-writer’s karma or dharma — the past-life reasons for the current problem and relationship situations. Soon after the column began running, I started to receive verifications from the writers, assuring me and my readers that I was indeed in communication with souls providing valid information. This work was the basis for my 1993 book, Blame It On Your Past Lives.      

MY TECHNIQUE: Upon attaining a self-induced theta state, I visualize myself in the center of a Celtic Druid circle. I feel the grass beneath my bare feet and I look upon the stone altar. I place a symbolic gift upon the altar (flowers, stones or feathers as an example) and I make a blessing for my earth life. Then I leave the circle feeling the earth and grass as I run and feel myself running until I am flying out of earth’s atmosphere. In time, I come to a white mist where I find stairs ascending up into the mist. The stairs are ancient, gray and worn. I reach out and touch the surface. Often I find flowers by the stairs. They’ve been left by my deceased Grandmother, who is waiting at this level for her children to cross over.     

Focusing my senses, I feel myself walking up the stairs, going higher and higher, until I come to a landing where Abenda awaits in the doorway to my “temple room.”     

Abenda and I hug upon meeting and then enter the room, which is furnished with unusual furniture, which I’m told is Persian. Yellow Chinese silk pillows abound and East Indian statuary accents the decor. In my earthly reality, I love Native American, Western and Spanish decor, but I am very comfortable here and can see, touch, smell the room. At this point, I feel an almost complete transference of energy. My physical body is numb and I no longer hear or see what is going on in my real life.      

My temple-room time becomes my reality while I am there. I scrunch pillows to relax on the couch, while conversing with Abenda. Over the years, she’s learned to joke and play with me. That took awhile, because she perceives our association as a working relationship, and she wants to keep the energy between us clear and precise. We get into intense conversations and we can even have arguments. Some of the disagreements relate to work versus play. Abenda doesn’t live an earth life. She died brutally in her last incarnation and wants no association with our physical world other than to help me (and others) through our earthly trials and tribulations.     

When I’m channeling for an individual who has written me about their problem, I physically hold their letter or another touchstone, such as a lock of hair or photograph. In trance, I visualize myself strolling out the back door of my temple room and going to a glass teahouse. Here, in this separate environment, Abenda calls in the letter-writer’s spirit guide or someone on the other side who loves them though a past-life connection. I perceive this soul, who has come to write through me, just as if they were actually sitting beside me here on earth. Usually, they come to communicate wearing what they wore in the past life they shared with the letter-writer. If they were shy and demure in a past life, they will appear the same today. A flamboyant man from a 1700s incarnation will still be showy when he walks into the teahouse to communicate.     

Abenda has to provide an “okay” for an entity to write through my hand. Anyone from a lower vibration is not allowed contact. My spirit guide also stresses that a language other than English can be translated, but not written. If they have difficulty writing legibly, they can allow me to use my own handwriting.      

Sometimes I feel like a spiritual phone connection. Why me? Anyone willing to practice can develop the ability to do automatic writing. Richard and I prove this in our Sedona Psychic Seminars, and I get a lot of feedback for those using my “Automatic Writing” CD. But I realize my abilities go far beyond those normally expressed through this medium.     

My early near-death experiences probably set the stage for my work today. I had two major surgeries by age ten weeks.The first surgery being 7 and 1/2 hours long at 6 weeks old. As a very young child, I knew of my past lives. My father often rocked me to sleep in response to nightmares in which the Germans were coming for me during W.W.II. In that incarnation, I was captured and died in the concentration camp showers.      

At eight years of age, I nearly bled to death from a bicycle accident. While floating above the operating table, I perceived a joyous and comforting light and began to rush toward it. But two women walked up to me blocking my way to the source of the light. They bent down and told me their names were Abenda and Francoise. They talked to me about my life and family before telling me it was time to go back. I didn’t want to go back, but soon experienced myself floating over my body again. The next thing I remember was waking up in the hospital ward.      

Francoise was my spirit guide until my early-twenties when Abenda stepped in to take over. It was at this time I began to experiment with automatic writing. Today, Abenda is like a member of the family, although my brothers call her my “imaginary friend.” The moment anyone needs advice or must make an important decision, guess who they ask me to contact.     







Abenda Channeling
“Cause & Effect”
March 2004

Through automatic writing, Tara adds another chapter to her communications with deceased New Age author Jess Stearn. She also receives answers to questions about bad karma, searching for a soulmate and blocking prosperity.     

Shortly after my good friend Jess Stearn died, I began communicating with him via automatic writing. Those communications have been published beginning with issue 79 of Soaring Spirit, April 2002. Some of this writing about the afterlife has been posted on the web, some in this magalog. Jess was a bestselling author of many New Age books, including The Sleeping Prophet, which introduced the world to Edgar Cayce. Here is the latest installment from Jess, received February 2, 2004. For this writing I asked him a few questions about such things as spirit friends, the different vibrational levels, if he had good/bad days and reincarnation.     

Dearest Tara,     

I know its been sometime since we last wrote, but I see you often and enjoy all our meetings. I am becoming more accustomed to the slow pace here. I’m not haranguing people for information whenever I’m approached by an adult I don’t know. For awhile I was interviewing everyone.     

I have made acquaintances with some scholars — one is named Bolivier and another Grastem. They also search for knowledge and I’m very pleased to converse with them. We have come to the conclusion, death is simpler than life, but only if you have attained enough vibration to relax where we find ourselves. To go on to the upper levels has not crossed any of our minds. We are not tempted to go on. We are intrigued with this existence in connection to our earth existence.     

There are very few bad days here in spirit. The only bad days I’ve run across are when someone new has arrived and is crying when taken to the sanctorium. They don’t yet understand where they are being led, but there is never any sinister or malicious action. The people here are all on a higher level of goodness and are like Red Cross workers — here to help, not hurt anyone. I’ve cried and whined to others, but they generally try to jolly me into a better mood or say something nice to me. I’ve had others ignore me, but never talk down or be stern to Stearn.     

There are boundaries here. To go towards the gravitational pull of earth is not a wise idea, and going higher doesn’t appeal to my current structure. I can think of an earthly place and find myself in a similar place, but not the real place, unless I change my structure by going into that reality. The physical body is a heavy mass, compared to how I feel now. But I still feel like I am Jess Stearn, and I will until I take on the role of another name.     

I’ve asked Bolivier and Grastem about Heaven, Nirvana, Mecca. And they say it is the Place of All Peace. Above us still by many layers of vibration. I have decided I am not ready for those places yet. There is the beauty of perfection in imperfection. I am looking in this place for imperfections, but find there are none. Everyone fits perfectly in their job assignment. Of course, even though the guardians have reached an understanding of their higher purpose, they have usually reached a level of goodness or bravery to make them suitable for their jobs. Because even when they are planning to be your keepwatch, there are councils that allow for them to be given the post. They don’t get the job only because of good fuzzy feelings. They have earned the right to stay on this vibration.     

The reason so many people do not feel comfortable with, or able to connect to their primary guide is because they were assigned them. I am a good example with “Bags.” I come from a line of investigators and Priests, many of my loved ones have moved to a higher vibration. (I don’t know what that says about me.) So Bags who has been a priest with me in many lifetimes, primarily Atlantis, came to be my guide. I don’t know if he ever even loved me as a friend, and I doubt very much that he does now. I’ve bagged on ole Bags plenty. He frustrates me as a never-knowing-hardly-a-thing angel. Bags is never very far away and has seven years left to stay with me in his contract. Will he break the contract? No, even though I think he would like to. As you can see I still feel feisty even though I’m over here now. But he stays, because that is our shared contract. I plan to make an effort to be friends with him, so I can enjoy a better time with him.     

I need to let go of my need for knowledge, and I need to let go of Bags willingness to accept me and others without having to know very much. I am obviously still being influenced by my old life. My friends and family who were most interesting to me were people who questioned and quested.     

Tara, you asked me about who is in charge; this remains an unknown to me. There are councils that seem to know what they are doing. It is very organized. Do I feel any foul play? No, I’ve discussed it with B and G, and we are all under the same impression. This is such a big picture, it could be an ant versus an elephant story. Humans are like ants, relatively small organic matter on earth’s surface. The Godhead is something great and could frighten us with his power and presence, so he stays hidden behind the Universal Curtain.     

Humans are pleased with the mystery. Humans strive unknowingly back to the secrets that hold life. It is probably why we die on earth — part of our curiosity about God and to gaze upon him if we can. Is there such a thing as his face: We know he is an energy, but a face I might question. We could ask Bags? (Only trying to be humorous for Tara.)     

You ask if you would lose the Jess you know if I reincarnated. I am part of a soul. Each soul must round itself out in 30 ways — explore human characteristics 30 ways on each of the facets. As an example, if I decided to explore compassion by being a missionary in Africa, but I left my family in another country to suffer, I would have to come back to be compassionate and responsible. There are other people/souls who come in to be a part of the principal soul. So you can have 900 lifetimes or transfer and use another lineage. These souls are like energy grids — everything means something in relationship to pure energy for the cosmos. But generally, you stay with your “soul glob,” Pretty name. Maybe you, Tara, can think of another one.     

The soul has tremendous power and can never die, but it must be replenished with energy to again mesh with the “Divine One.” I’ll reincarnate on my soul glob, as I certainly want to take with me the energy of people and knowledge accumulated. I may come back in about 20 years, when science turns another curve and will be wondrous.     

I would love to go into all sorts of subjects with you. Be well and I will meet you again evermore. Hi to Rich and my birthday girl and the boys. (Our daughter Cheyenne and Jess shared the same birthday.)     

I love you, Jess Stearn     

* * * * *     

From Tara: To receive Jess’ writing and the following “Cause & Effect” letters from readers, I go into a theta-level altered state. For the questions, my spirit guide Abenda finds someone on the other side that knows the letter writer or a loving entity who is aware of the problem. Under Abenda’s carefully orchestrated conditions, this soul controls my hand and the response is received via automatic writing. I also perceive the soul visually while this is transpiring.     

Streak of Bad Luck?      

“I am highly educated with two Bachelor’s and two Master’s degrees. I left my last career level job three years ago, because I felt what was required of me as a boss was Karmically very bad for me. Since then, I have been greatly underemployed. I have been able to work but all the bosses have been easy to criticize and slow to recognize my on-the-job achievement. It is not the quality of my work — my most recent references and nomination in 2002 for Disney’s American Teacher Award show that. Even recently when I was offered a great job that I wanted, I ended up turning it down to accept another job, only to have that job offer retracted.     

“I feel this hideous streak of bad luck in my Karma. Is it? How can I reverse it? How do I know if I have learned my lesson? Please help me.”     

Debi Nadene Affentranger
Las Vegas, NV


Dear Debi, A lady wearing an orange organza dress came to speak. She was followed by two male attendants, guards you might say. Her name is Alehendra.     

“I Alehendra speak to you my dear Debi. I am sorry that you have sought and not found happiness where you thought you should. You are a great director of your life and as it will be … you still shall be. Do not think that your plans have been tainted, you will go where you will do the most good. Where in time, you will acclaim power and karmic points. You are being impatient with the process, and it shows you that not everyone is out for just anyone’s own good. It must be the goal of the group to travel toward the destination of cause and order. If it is left to individual competition, you will find yourself lost and in frustration.     

“I was once the advisor of Ahema, you were once an advisor of Ahema. You are a natural teacher and scholar. When we were interpreting the Qur’an, we saw many beautiful and lovely teachings. We see how man can take works and misconstrue the meaning. I want very much for you to be aware that you are of good stature, of good karma, of good and lasting love. You are always guided to the right path.     

“Money is not the way to perfection, power is not the way to perfection, pride is not the way to perfection. To have a good dose of each is a healthy earth life, to have these things in heaven is asunder. Your path will reveal itself. Trust yourself, trust the process. Trust the knowing. You are in the perfect place at the perfect time. If you have not allotted enough for yourself at this time, ask the ever-nurturing Mother Earth to supply you. It is your birthright. You carry more knowledge with you than you are aware. You are guided and guarded by the highest of Beautiful souls. Enjoy your earth life as well. It is to be enjoyed.”     

Love Always,

Note from Abenda: “You carry much karma with you that is still to go out to feed the world knowledge, to make earth a better and more loving and lovely place. You may never realize who you touch with your guidance and wisdom. It is in your destiny.     

Love and oneness,

Note from Tara: To the best of my knowledge, I had never heard of Ahema, but after receiving this writing, I decided to check out the name on the web, where I found out he was a Muslim scholar of the Qur’an Mufaserseen.     

Looking for a Soulmate      

“I am 43, have been diabetic for 38 years, lost my vision, but am a healer, so got it back. But I have had many challenges along the way because of the diabetes. My question may not seem to be relevant to these, but I feel it all goes together. My question is; do I have a soulmate here in this place? If so, how do I know who he is? This is the one thing I’ve searched for since I can remember. I’ve made a lot of ‘wrong’ choices in this area, but even with those I feel I have learned something from all of them. Anything you can tell me would be helpful. Even if the answer is no, then at least I’ll know to stop looking. Thank your for your help.”     

Marcia Billings
Dallas, TX


A woman in a buckskin dress came to speak. She said she was of the Cheyenne tribe and you were her daughter in a past life. She feels very close to you and tries to project reassurance. Her name was Eoin ke wah, but they called her Walking Deer. She kept this name as she loves watching deer walk and thinks they are graceful. Here is what she wrote through my hand:     

“Dearest Marcia, You are a bright and beautiful star upon the earth. You are never to fear the decisions you’ve made. You came back so soon from being poisoned in the Brazilian jungle, diabetes came with you. You learned to live closely to an earth existence in the jungle. You had gone on a shaman’s vision journey with strong shaman magic tea. And as you stumbled around in the jungle, a poisonous snake bit you and you were left to rot. Even the animals would not eat you because of the different poisons in your body. You were not moved. The tribe’s people prayed for you, but they were afraid since you were untouched by predators.     

“It was a mixture of the tea and snakebite with the Laudanum you took for your stomach. And you had taken a big dose of Laudanum fearing the tea would rip your stomach. In this 1930s life, you were an American male and studied at Baylor University. You wanted to look for medicines and be adventurous, so you went to Brazil with four other students. Due to another mishap, none of you survived.     

“Reincarnating too soon, your poisoned body manifested diabetes at a young age. There is also guilt about others being overly protective and worried for you. You stay pretty close to home, although your spirit is that of a wanderer, ever curious to see the beauty all around you. You truly appreciate the beauty of nature.     

“You find yourself sometimes awkward in relationships, as you fight being tied to a certain regime. But there is someone coming into your life who will find you exhilarating  — his dream come true. He is a nature lover, middle-aged but young in spirit. You will be very happy for many years.     

“You have to work on forgiveness. Forgiving yourself for being reckless in the past life. No one in your family was ever notified.     

“I wish you much love and oneness. You will have a beautiful life.”     

Love, Walking Deer     

Note from Abenda: Wishing you continued success on keeping your vision clear and your health in good stead. Upcoming, there is a man for you. You continue to radiate magical and beautiful energy. You are a natural researcher. Continue to offer others help and healing. When you feel hidden and lost, take a step into the light, and the next step feel the earth, and the next step see the beauty.     

Love and oneness,

Blocking Prosperity?     

“I have only one question: Can you tell me why I am blocking my prosperity?”     

James Raymond
Detroit, MI


A woman with long blonde hair came to speak. She said her name is Mirantha, and she comes from Crete, where you shared a priestess incarnation.     

“Dear James, You and I have had many lifetimes together. You are the kindest, most beloved person I have ever known. You have had it rough this time on earth. You want to know why the suffering among men. You have lived many holy lifetimes. You have loved the man body of this life, the freedom of pleasure, the freedom of doing good deeds sporadically … and the freedom to dream.     

“There are reasons you are not prosperous in a monetary sense, but you are rich in many ways. You have served diligently many lifetimes and been very prosperous, as men and as women. You have dedicated lifetimes to service. You were a Catholic nun in Sao Paulo, where so many children were in your care. They had no one but you and the other nuns. You have been a doctor in Calcutta, helping the sick and tending people until you were a broken man. You have given so much in the past, you don’t know when to stop and say I need to take care of me.     

“Now you have time to take care of you. Do you take the time to take care of you? This lifetime is about finding time to care for yourself. Not through neglect or rigidity.     

Balance work and play, and balance looking outward with looking inward. Be gentle with yourself, yet take responsibility without overdoing it.     

“Do you need to make millions? No, but it would be good for you to channel your energies in doing what you like or where you feel capable. You will find balance and begin to have confidence in your journey and the choices you have made. Blessed be you and your life.”     

Love always, Mirantha     

Note from Abenda: Dear James, Do not fear the process of human development. Your mind far exceeds the speed of your body. Bring them into balance. Honor yourself. Be good to yourself. You are truly worthy. A soul that has saved many from persecution, revolution and sorrow. It is your time to live a little, be happy and not be hard on yourself about accomplishment. In this life, you walk the path of the silent sacred warrior.”     

Love and oneness,


 She uses the letter and signature as a psychic touchstone.     











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